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Hello World!

My name is David Samuel Meyer (dsm). I study and teach about the philosophy and history of education, among other things, at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. If you're reading this then you are probably aware that you have stumbled upon my personal homepage, and are likely wondering what I get up to around here. Well, this page is a bit sparse at the moment, but since you have come all this way, oh, dear weary web-surfer, there are a few things you can peruse while you are here:

Learning as Inhabitation
A doctoral thesis which explores the characteristics and implications of an ecological humanistic reconception of learning from a nature-prime point-of-view.

Course Materials
Public domain course materials for the classes I am teaching.

A Very Intriguing and Informative Blog
Coming soon! But if you know where to look (and for whom to look), then you can find my writing around other parts of the internet en masse ;)

And, of course, you could always just say hello: dsm@namu.blue